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Atrox, Leeds, AL

It has been a few years since I attended ATROX Haunted House near Birmingham, AL, but I was in the area and decided to check them out. Parking is a bit of a headache but I was happy to see that it was free. One of my pet peeves are haunts that gouge you with an extra $5 or more just to park, (HINT: Add a few bucks to each ticket and stop with the extra fees.) The haunt has always been a very professionally set up with a great "festival area, including store, entertainment, Ice Cream and Chick-Fill-A. Even the port-a-johns were divided into Guys and Gals (pink female toilets was a nice touch) and all was very clean. Signage is all very professional and you don't have to stand in line forever. When you buy a ticket you get a token, and you can hang out and wander the offerings until your token is called. Why more haunts don't do this is beyond me! I am sure it ups their confession sales, and make the wait seem shorter. When my token was called I got in a short line and waited for my turn to enter. The first room alone blew me away. Over the top Victorian room with two hallways leading off the main room. Great costumes and makeup work together for a great start. The last time I experienced Atrox, the haunt was great, I really enjoyed it, but this time I was amazed at how far they have come. Animatronics worked with live actors (lots of them) to create a startle around every corner. The sets were amazing, the lighting was perfect, detail detail detail! My only complaint would be length. It is a long haunt, but it was so cool that I had wished there was a second attraction so I could keep going. Keep them wanting more I guess. If you get the chance to be near Birmingham in October, then be sure to make the trip to Leeds and check out Atrox. It is well worth the trip. Do a search for Leeds, AL for more details!