You will find our prices to be very competitive with other sites even though we provide so much more for your advertising dollars. While some other sites make you buy extra featured listings in other states if your market area crosses a state line we will never do that. Your premium placement is linked to your listing itself and any time it comes up in a search you will appear, regardless of which side of the state line your next visitor is coming from. Compare our single featured listing price with a featured listing in each state on other sites and you will see you pay far less and get far more with us.

We are currently running two specials, the first is for first year advertisers on combination featured and expanded listings at $250 per year, and the second is for multi-year conbination listings (2 or more years) at $200 per year.

Please contact us so we can discuss your needs and how we can meet them, or go ahead and add a listing for your attraction then purchase a Featured or Expanded listing right there through PayPal.

Expanded Listings

Your listing page is expanded to include a large logo, graphic or animation, a text description and YouTube video of your event, social media RSS feeds, Flickr/Photo account, calendar of open nights, online ticketing link and printable coupon.

Expanded listings - Contact Us for Pricing

Featured Listings

Take your Haunt to the TOP of the page with a FindAHaunt Featured Listing! For a small annual payment your Haunted Event will be moved to the head of the list each time your event falls within the search radius of the user.

Featured listings include expanded listings - Contact Us for Pricing

Banner Ads and Premium Advertising

Banner ads and other premium advertising options are available for organizations whose draw goes beyond a geographic area. Contact us for details at <>