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See You In St. Louis

FindAHaunt will be returning to this year's TransWorld Halloween and Attractions Show in St. Louis next week. Come and see us in booth 1032, we always like to say hello and put faces to names.

Meet Robert, Our Newest Salesman

FindAHaunt is happy to announce that Robert Gofourth is joining our team to help with sales. Some of you may have heard from him already. Robert comes from a long background of working with haunted attractions in multiple countries, we are glad to have him join us.

It's been a busy season

It's been a busy season, I made it to 21 haunts this year which is a record for me. Overall it was about 3000 miles driven, seeing as many as 3 in one night when I could. Back when I worked with a haunt I used to try to sneak out each evening after I finished my work to try to see at least one other one, but I could only make it to a few of them. This was the first year that I had a combination ... See More

Tomorrow starts October

Today is September 30th, and tomorrow starts the month of October. I realize that some attractions opened up already, but this seems to have been the weekend that most of them are getting started with the others coming up before too much longer.
One of the hardest parts of this time of the year is trying to figure out which attractions to visit. In some parts of the country there's only a c ... See More

Catching up from Midwest Haunters Convention

We are finally getting caught up with everything from our trip to Midwest Haunters Convention. As always, we had a great time and only wish it lasted longer. There's so many things to do and see there that a weekend is never enough. We posted photos from the show floor on our Facebook page, ch ... See More

We'll see you in Columbus in June

We are busy in the offices here updating and adding to the site, so we aren't going to be able to make it to the Room Escape Conference and Tour in Niagara Falls this week. It looks like it's going to be a very educational show and the attractions on the tour look great. We are sorry that we will have to miss you there, but we are looking forw ... See More

Check out the changes in the new version of FindAHaunt!

Now that we are about to hit the road for TransWorld's Halloween and Attractions Show it's time to pull back the curtain and reveal all of the changes to First, let's start with what hasn't changed - we are still the only site to list every attraction with a free, basic listing that actually has (almost) everything listed. We a ... See More

Come and see us in St. Louis!

We are happy to be back at TransWorld's Halloween and Attractions Show in St. Louis March 23-26. We haven't been able to make it for a while so be sure to stop by and say hello. We will be in Booth 1032, right next to our friends at Dark Imaginings in the Quiet Zone. This could be your chance to see just what cha ... See More

Traffic goals reached, time to get ready for the next steps for growth

In the 2015 season FindAHaunt has reached the traffic goals that we set for ourselves some time ago. In the season alone we are now seeing hit counts in the millions, with a very low bounce rate and very good statistics for number of unique visits and time on the site as well. Having seen our site you know that you can be at the haunt you're trying to find in just 2 or 3 clicks as opposed to oth ... See More

FindAHaunt now handles year-round open dates

The latest enhancement for is our calendar will now handle year-round opening dates, we are no longer limited to the traditional Halloween season. Those attractions that open up for special nights on Friday the 13th, Christmas, Valentine's Day, or even ones that are open year-round can now enter all of their open dates into the system. We already have several that have put their da ... See More

And we are back...

We are happy to say that we are now back and open for business once again. There have been some behind-the-scenes changes and reorganization, but what you will see as a user should be the same great interface you've always seen here. What will be changing in the near future is we will be adding several new features that you've asked for, just in time for the 2016 haunting season. Keep an eye ou ... See More

Nashville Nightmare in Madison, TN

If you keep feeding the beast, its appetite will get bigger. The wranglers of Nashville Nightmare have done just that, somehow setting a higher bar each year for themselves and the local industry. Featuring two sickening amusements this year as well as a rave, the joint that put the "mad" in Madison doesn't disappoint, with easily some of the best makeup, acting and studio-caliber fragments of swe ... See More

Ghoulie Manor, Taunton, MA

Goulet Manor was nicknamed “Ghoulie Manor” by the locals. The house has been standing since the early 19th century and has been passed down within the family from generation to generation. Its inhabitants have always been disreputable. Throughout the years, they have been accused of sinister crimes and suspected of dabbling in the dark arts. No one goes there. There’s a good reason for that. ... See More

No one knows how old Hellview Cemetery really is. Some say it existed even before the Seminole Indians were ever to set foot on the peninsula of what is now Saint Petersburg, Florida. The mound builders of the area gave it a wide berth as they said, "The dead are not quiet there."
The graves inside the cemetery date from centuries old to recent deaths of only a few years. This is odd a ... See More

Talmadge Brothers Funeral Home and Casket Company, Jasper, GA

In every southern town there was one old building scarcely noticed by day, but carefully avoided by night. It was always ramshackle, seemingly abandoned, and thoroughly rumored to be haunted. At the close of 1918, American soldiers were returning home to their wives and children after Germany signed an armistice ending World War I on November 11. Two of those returning soldiers were local Ball Gr ... See More

Sinister Suites Hotel of Horror, Griffin, GA

The hotel was actually called the Griffin Hotel when it was built in 1910, standing 5 stories and 60,000 square feet. It was sold after construction for 75,000 with 60 luxury rooms and suites, plus a grand ballroom. The price for a room was $2.00 per night unless you wanted to stay in a room with a bath room then the price was $2.50. The Griffin Hotel was the place to stay while visiting or pas ... See More

Tomb of the Risen Dead, Childersburg, AL

This October at DeSoto Caverns we are launching our very own Halloween Event called Tomb of the Risen Dead. Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night in October, our park will be transformed into a spooky, thrilling experience for guests of all ages. For our thrill-seekers looking for a spine chilling adventure like they’ve never experienced before, we will have two featured Haunted Att ... See More

Atrox, Leeds, AL

It has been a few years since I attended ATROX Haunted House near Birmingham, AL, but I was in the area and decided to check them out. Parking is a bit of a headache but I was happy to see that it was free. One of my pet peeves are haunts that gouge you with an extra $5 or more just to park, (HINT: Add a few bucks to each ticket and stop with the extra fees.) The haunt has always been a very pr ... See More

Nightmare Dungeon, Greenville, SC

This Isn’t A Ghost Story…This Is A True Story !!! For 18 years Scream Productions have been bringing nightmares to life. This year is no exception. Nightmare Dungeon will be the Upstate’s scariest haunted house. With over 20 wretched horror scenes, this will be the longest nightmare experience. Expect to be thrilled and chilled over and over again. The picture you see is the actual house. T ... See More

Run for your life and leave your kids behind at Field of Screams

A large man wielding a chainsaw is chasing me down a wooded path. I don't have time to think. I run headlong into the October darkness. My co-worker is just ahead of me, and in my panic I push him aside, yelling, "Take this guy, instead! He's younger and more tender!" I fly past my 14-year-old daughter, all maternal instincts now dissolved in terror. I shove her backward in a flimsy attempt to ... See More

The Beast and Edge of Hell Haunted Houses, Kansas City, MO

September 11, 2015 - Cool nightly breezes and a penchant for the fear-induced tradition of visiting the world-renowned Kansas City haunted houses casts the spirit of Halloween as The Edge of Hell and The Beast Haunted Houses ready to open for the 41st season this Friday at 7:30 P.M. The Twelfth Street Bridge Historic West Bottoms District, near downtown Kansas City, Missouri, is a sort of ner ... See More

Haunted Haven, Rock Falls, IL

The 2015 season marks our 6th terrifyingly successful year at Haunted Haven. Come face your fears at one of the top ranked haunts in Illinois in visitor voting. We are celebrating being voted the number four haunt in Illinois by our fans and we plan on going bigger than ever! Haunted Haven is an intense actor based haunt where we harness our character's abilities to invade your personal ... See More

Haunted Forest, North-Rapids City, IL

You, the Innocent, on a hay rack will be taken to the Gates of the Haunted Forest. The hayrack will drop you off at the entrance of the Haunted Forest. On foot suddenly and irrevocably you will find yourself walking in the middle of acres of unrelenting darkness, you will meet the ghastly lair of the Unhappily Undead. These horrifying creatures, with their hideous wails, instruments of ... See More

The 17th Door, Tustin, CA

Sometimes going away to college is an amazing experience, unless you end up at a place like Gluttire University. Paula thought she could start again fresh after high school and escape her past. She believed she could leave it all behind and pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. But what happens at Gluttire between classes isn't just troubling, its pure evil. In a University like this, dreams only ... See More

Fright Farm, Smithfield, PA

Fright Farm has been an integral part of many people’s Halloween tradition for over two decades, growing every year since it’s inception. Entering it’s 26th season, Fright Farm is Pennsylvania’s premier Professional Haunted Attraction, with 5 distinct attractions; Haunted Hayride, Frightmare Asylum, Hallow Grounds, Terror Maze, and Distortions! Our state-of-the-art special effects, highly- ... See More

Hayride of Horror, Lockport, IL

A haunted hayride that is sure to scare even the bravest of souls! This spine-tingling excursion will chill you to the bone as you journey through the underworld of Dellwood Park. The unsettling sights and sounds will keep your adrenaline pumping as wicked entities encompass you throughout your entire ride of terror. Clips of the scariest Halloween movies will air on our 20 foot outdoor movie scre ... See More

Haunts across the country opened this weekend!

Escape rooms, zombie fights and carnival sideshow freaks are a few of the themes popping up at this year's Halloween attractions. But if you're not up for extreme frights offered by hard-core haunted houses and nighttime theme park events, there are lots of low-key alternatives, with some venues avoiding scary stuff altogether. Disney World in Florida hosts Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party ... See More

Pennsylvania Haunted Events

Eastern State Penitentiary, the historic former prison in Philadelphia, is celebrating its 25th season hosting Halloween madness. Its massive haunted house, "Terror Behind the Walls," has been redesigned for the anniversary. In Reading, Pennsylvania, Shocktoberfest offers Zombie World and Prison of the Dead Escape, which requires guests to escape from multiple rooms. Because November's calendar ... See More


At Universal theme parks in Orlando, Florida, and Los Angeles, Halloween Horror Nights draw thousands of visitors, ranking among the parks' busiest times of year. The experience is worthy of Hollywood, inspired by famous horror films, sci-fi shows and stories, with movie-quality special effects, technology, sets, costumes and makeup. At Universal Hollywood in Los Angeles, the extravaganza inclu ... See More

Fear Forest, Lordstown, OH

Take a ride through 68 acres of the area's most terrifying hayride and then get dropped off at the InsaneAtarium, the area's most intense haunted house in Youngstown Ohio. The Insane Atarium is a mental institution where the patients here experience the most bazaar treatments and some stay permanently due to the experiments gone completely wrong. Who knows... you might become a patient yourself!!! ... See More

The Haunted Labs

Redesigned and expanded for 2015! An immersive storyline where you participate in the action and elude your adversaries via a Tandem Zip Line! Lost within the expanded multi-level labyrinth in Dr.E. Adlands’ Research Laboratories, radiation poisoning is the least of your worries when you’re about to become the next victim on the operating table. Your only escape may be via the one-mile mean ... See More

Redesigned and expanded for 2015! An immersive storyline where you participate in the action and elude your adversaries via a Tandem Zip Line! Lost within the expanded multi-level labyrinth in Dr.E. Adlands’ Research Laboratories, radiation poisoning is the least of your worries when you’re about to become the next victim on the operating table. Your only escape may be via the one-mile mean ... See More

Strangling Brothers Texas Haunted Circus

Experience the High Tech Horror of Strangling Brothers…from the moment you step out of your car! A show so frightening, you’ll want to come back again… and bring your friends! For the first time in Texas, come face to face with real high-tech horror. For thrill seekers and families alike, this is one Hollywood-like attraction you won’t want to miss. Arriving on the grounds you are ... See More

Dark Hour Haunted house

Opening its doors to the public for the first time during the traditional Halloween Season in 2013, the goal of Dark Hour Haunted House is a simple one: produce the highest quality haunt experience available. Utilizing sets worthy of a Broadway production, professional actors, as well as strategic use of technology produces a top notch theatrical experience in terror for Dark Hour visitors. Ded ... See More

The Haunted Hayride at Arasapha Farm

For 25 years, the Haunted Hayride at Arasapha Farm has been scaring its visitors with amazing props, digital FX, great actors and extraordinary professional makeup. The Hayride has been featured several times on the Travel Channel and has been rated as the Number 1 Haunted Attraction in America by Hauntworld Magazine, USA Today and many other national publications. The Haunted Hayride is a 25 minu ... See More

Brighton Asylum

The haunted attraction The Today Show called "The Scariest Place On Earth", is all new for 2015! Introducing "The Tunnel"! descend deep under the brick and mortar of Brighton Asylum and explore the long forgotten tunnel system that once allowed its staff to move undetected beneath the grounds. NEW: Brighton Asylum Escape Games! Experience 2 uniquely themed escape rooms, Dead Escape and Lab Lockdow ... See More

The Gateway Playhouse in Bellport, N.Y.

The Gateway Playhouse is located in Bellport, N.Y.—a coastal village that lies on Long Island’s south shore, 60 miles east of Manhattan. The Gateway, now a non-profit organization, was first established in 1950 and remains the region’s oldest professional theatre. Since the early days of summer stock shows, limited staff and shoestring budgets, the organization currently employs over 200 th ... See More

The Haunted Scarehouse, Wharton, NJ

ARE YOU READY TO SCREAM?? Haunted Scarehouse is Morris County�s ONLY Haunted House attraction and only all-indoor Haunted Attraction so we are open rain or shine. Open every weekend in October - 16 Nights of Fright! The Haunted Scarehouse is located at 105 West Dewey Ave, Wharton NJ 07885. For info and directions call (732) 485-2653 Haunted Scarehouse Haunted House� too scary for YOU!!! THE HO ... See More

ScareLA, The Country's Biggest Halloween Convention

Dateline Pasadena, CA: ScareLA may have become the largest haunt convention in the country as over 10,000 guests poured into the Pasadena Convention Center for ScareLA 2015. In only its third year, this two day convention as exploded in size and scope. The massive dealer room, chocked full of exhibit booths and workshop areas, was the main draw, as attendees browsed for masks, jewelry, prop ... See More

The Windy City Gets a Haunt Convention... It's About Time!

Dateline Chicago: July 16-19, Leonard Pickel, Haunted attraction industry icon and owner of HAuNTcon (Haunted Attraction Tradeshow and Conference), launched a new three day "haunts and Halloween" conference in the Windy City, called Chicago Frights. This annual spooktacular event included a dealer room, educational seminars, hands-on workshops, actor training sessions, FX make-up instruction a ... See More

Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights!

Check out this review of Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights!

Our First Winners!

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WEEK ONE WINNERS!, the best way to find haunted attractions and Halloween events in your area is holding a FREE TICKET GIVEAWAY to is fans!
Congratulations Amanda Hayden! You just won 2 FREE tickets to Frite Lodge in Indianapolis, IN
Congratulations Kelsey Penland! You just won 2 FREE tickets to The Stanley Ho ... See More

The Sweepstakes is now taking entries

Our long-awaited Sweepstakes has begun, we are accepting entries. Go to the contest page and you can see all the details, but in summary every week we will draw luck winners to receive a pair of VIP tickets to any haunt that they choose. Check it out, nobody else offers you an opportunity like this one.

Coming soon - your chance to win free tickets to any haunt

Keep an eye out, in a few days we will be starting a contest where each week two lucky winners will be selected to win a pair of VIP tickets to any haunt that they want to visit. We will be accepting entries soon, and drawing winners every Wednesday in October.
If you operate a haunted attraction you will want to know that whichever haunt is chosen by the winner will also win, they wil ... See More

Cutting Edge Haunted House, Ft. Worth, TX

Cutting Edge Haunted House, Ft. Worth, TX - Texas is a huge state for haunted attractions with over 30 in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area alone. One of the largest in the area, is the Cutting Edge Haunted House in Ft. Worth Texas. Once the holder of the Guinness Book of World Records for the Largest Haunted House in the world, The Cutting Edge is a massive attraction. Good detail and size alone make thi ... See More

Phobia Haunted Houses in Houston, Texas

Phobia Haunted Houses in Houston, Texas is a multi-element event consisting of 4 haunted attractions located on a very big tract of land in northwest Houston, off highway 290 near Jersey Village. The attractions are packed with violently shaking one of a kind animatronics everywhere. Crazed nurses and attendants, throwing themselves against walls in every room. High quality actors had excel ... See More

Following up from Midwest Haunters Convention

We had a great time at the Midwest Haunter's Convention this weekend, it was a pleasure getting to meet everyone who was able to stop by at the booth. If you check out out our Facebook page you can see the pictures from the convention. Keep an eye out here on the blog and you'll see some upcoming developments including a chance for you to win tick ... See More at Midwest Haunter's Convention

You can come and see at Midwest Haunter's convention in booth 706. We are running a show special, you can get a featured and expanded listing for only $100, that's half off of the usual price, but only until the end of the convention. Don't wait too long, on Monday it's too late.

Chicago Haunts

This week I had a great opportunity for a sneak peak of some of Chicagoland's best Haunted Attractions. First up was Fear City. This apocalyptic monster in its second year of operations is almost 40,000 square feet. High levels of detail and set dressing, good acting, make-up and costuming set this attraction apart. My favorite rooms included the antique store, hoarder's home and baby doll attic. ... See More

Welcome to the First Blog!

My name is Leonard Pickel and thank you for joining me at the beginning of this exciting journey. The goal of this blog is to bring you my thoughts, comments and suggestions about the many Haunted Attractions that I visit throughout the country and throughout the year. They will not be reviews, but an positive overview of what I got out of the experience, and maybe what I would do if it was mine. ... See More

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