FindAHaunt News

Check out the changes in the new version of FindAHaunt!

Now that we are about to hit the road for TransWorld's Halloween and Attractions Show it's time to pull back the curtain and reveal all of the changes to First, let's start with what hasn't changed - we are still the only site to list every attraction with a free, basic listing that actually has (almost) everything listed. We are still the site where your third click has you looking at the attraction's own website, or already buying your tickets to it. We don't bury our real listings behind pages and pages of paid promotion. Those are both the same, and they always will be.
. Now for what is new - if you look in the "Refine Your Results" box in the top left of the search page you'll see a "more options" button. When you expand the box you can filter your search by the attraction type, or even to only show attractions that are open the specific night you are interested in. Soon you will see links to news, reviews, and online ticketing appearing in the listings - we are not doing those ourselves, instead we will be adding links to some of the most well-known sites in the industry to feature their independent content, we will never put up our own reviews or "news" slanted by how much an attraction has paid us. Finally, and perhaps biggest of all, we are now partnered with the Haunted Attraction Association as their official listing site. We are proud to join with the only official association in the haunt industry to help promote and develop attractions world-wide. You will soon be seeing attractions that are members of the organization marked in your searches and on the individual listing pages like you can see on the listing for Fright Farm in Pennsylvania.
Just in case that wasn't enough, we have also done a cosmetic redesign of the site, making the interface clearer, the text more legible, and making the site work much better on phones and other mobile devices.
For those of you wondering about that map that we showed in the last update, take a look at our main page where you will see it front and center. It's not just there to look pretty, it's another option for searching. Click anywhere you want on the map and you'll find that we don't just take you to that state's listings (it's not the 1990s anymore), instead we search exactly where you clicked, giving back the same quality search results we always provide.