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Chicago Haunts

This week I had a great opportunity for a sneak peak of some of Chicagoland's best Haunted Attractions. First up was Fear City. This apocalyptic monster in its second year of operations is almost 40,000 square feet. High levels of detail and set dressing, good acting, make-up and costuming set this attraction apart. My favorite rooms included the antique store, hoarder's home and baby doll attic. What I had not realized was this season Fear City has a second attraction, Hades! Yes' he's back. Joe Jensen creator of the infamous Hades Haunted Attraction back in the 90's is resurrecting the property at Fear City this year. A bold new concept in the world of haunting, Hades is experimental theater at its most cutting edge and the total opposite of a modern day haunt. Check out both by typing ZIP code 60648 into the search box on the main page.

Now in its 13th and final year, Dream Reapers, Chicago's longest running haunted attraction is going out with a bag. New room designs as well as some old favorites have been spruced up and taken to the next level for their final season. Of particular interest are the new funeral scene and cemetery, but I am still fond of the organic vine covered area that Dream Reapers does so well. Menards bought the building and slated it for demo, so don't miss your last chance to see this classic haunt. Check them out this year by typing 60160 into the search box on the main page.

My final treat was the dual attraction Statesville Haunted Prison and City of the Dead! With 15,000 square feet of terror and 150 actors between them, this creative outlay of John LaFlamboy and Zombie Army have stepped it up another notch with new rooms, new scares and even higher energy. In fact, I do not remember any dark blank hallways in the show at all. Around every corner there was set design and theme and places for actors to be in your face. Using a concept coined Room in a room, John has done away with the wall as a divider in these attractions. The conclusion of Statesville is a rowdy rock concert slash free for all with scares from every direction. Check them out this year by typing 60441 into the search box on the main page.