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Fright Farm, Smithfield, PA

Fright Farm has been an integral part of many people’s Halloween tradition for over two decades, growing every year since it’s inception. Entering it’s 26th season, Fright Farm is Pennsylvania’s premier Professional Haunted Attraction, with 5 distinct attractions; Haunted Hayride, Frightmare Asylum, Hallow Grounds, Terror Maze, and Distortions! Our state-of-the-art special effects, highly-detailed scenes, custom digital soundtracks, computerized lighting, and talented actors make Fright Farm a frightening experience unlike any other. 5 ATTRACTIONS – 1 LOCATION! Opening before dusk, patrons gather in the outdoor Festival Midway to enjoy live music, haunting entertainment, celebrity appearances, concessions, seasonal vendors, face painting, bonfires, and classic horror movies on our monstrous video screen. Once the sun sets, visitors load up the wagon and begin their adventure on the Haunted Hayride! Take a ride on the blood-curdling Hayride as it makes its way along the twisted path through the countryside of Rich Farms. Tremble in fear as the terrors that reside in the dark emerge to chase you to your doom. As the wagon rounds the final corner to salvation, the gleaming red glow of the Frightmare Asylum can be seen in the distance. Once arriving at the Front Dock of the estate, guests are ushered inside by insane asylum patients. Once guests enter the Frightmare Asylum, they never gain back their sanity. The patients have taken over the Asylum, killing the guards and wealthy residents. The immaculate 3-story Mansion is filled with deranged, psychotic patients and themed, gruesome sets that will make even the bravest patrons scream in sheer terror! With no time to catch their breath, guests that are lucky enough to escape the Frightmare Asylum will make their way through the Hallow Grounds. The tormented souls that infest the grounds will rise to grab and drag patrons 6 feet under. Guests will meander through demonic cabins, graveyards, bayou, an underground mausoleum, and a slaughterhouse. Patrons that make it out of the Frightmare Asylum and Hallow Grounds alive will proceed to the massive and intimidating 10,000 square foot Terror Maze! Haunting guests on their frantic journey is adrenaline-pumping music, spine-chilling scenes, and horrific Dark Carnival characters lurking behind every twist and turn! Immediately exiting the Terror Maze, guests enter into the fifth and final attraction – NEW Attraction for 2015, DISTORTIONS!.