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Ghoulie Manor, Taunton, MA

Goulet Manor was nicknamed “Ghoulie Manor” by the locals. The house has been standing since the early 19th century and has been passed down within the family from generation to generation. Its inhabitants have always been disreputable. Throughout the years, they have been accused of sinister crimes and suspected of dabbling in the dark arts. No one goes there. There’s a good reason for that. Now and then, those who have dared visit the manor simply disappear. Don’t go looking for friends or loved ones once they’ve vanished or you may meet the same fate. Ghoulie Manor keeps its secrets. It’s said that family members who have died sometimes come back to protect those secrets. You don’t want to know if that little secret is true. Ghoulie Manor is a frighteningly fun experience! Our haunted house will immerse you in a spooky environment enhanced with movie quality sets and outrageous characters. Ghoulie Manor was also featured in the documentary "The American Scream" that aired on Chiller TV in October, 2012.
Use zipcode 02780 for more details.