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Haunted Haven, Rock Falls, IL

The 2015 season marks our 6th terrifyingly successful year at Haunted Haven. Come face your fears at one of the top ranked haunts in Illinois in visitor voting. We are celebrating being voted the number four haunt in Illinois by our fans and we plan on going bigger than ever! Haunted Haven is an intense actor based haunt where we harness our character's abilities to invade your personal comfort and make you feel as if you were thrown into your worst fears and anxieties. Haunted Haven uses special effects to heighten your experience with fog, strobe lights and small places to test your fears. We do not recommend anyone under the age of 13 entering our haunt without a parent as we have mature content and high intensity scares. Whatever your fears may be Haunted Haven will force you to face them dead on with our 8000 square feet of terror ranging from spooky woods to a building people are literally dying to get into, a play mate that would love to show you her "collection" and of course our ever famous Twisted Circus featuring our feared and beloved clowns. So if you're up for a good scare and possibly your last, head to Rock Falls, IL and visit us at Haunted Haven. But bring an extra pair of pants, we keep track of "steamers." Search Rock Falls, IL for details.