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Hellview Cemetery St Petersburg FL

No one knows how old Hellview Cemetery really is. Some say it existed even before the Seminole Indians were ever to set foot on the peninsula of what is now Saint Petersburg, Florida. The mound builders of the area gave it a wide berth as they said, "The dead are not quiet there."
The graves inside the cemetery date from centuries old to recent deaths of only a few years. This is odd as no records exist of anyone being actually buried there. Even stranger still is the fact the some of the graves date to before the European colonization of America.
The early natives of what would eventually become St. Petersburg avoided this area and noted that it was near a “Gateway to Shadow.” They built several midden mounds in the area as a warning to any travelers of the evils the lie in wait here. Sadly early European settlers of the area assumed the mounds were some strange topographical feature of this tropical paradise since they were so different from the usual burial mounds they had found. This misconception is what led the settlers to name the area Hillview. It did not take long for people to innately start calling the area Hellview instead, due to the unnatural darkness and sense of foreboding surrounding the early settlements in the Tampa Bay area. Search Tampa Bay for more details!
Theories abound as to the nature of Hellview Cemetery. Though few are brave enough to study it for long, most believe there is some sort of portal inside the graveyard that allows it to pull in evil forces to die in its immediate area. Some theorize that the graveyard itself is actually a gateway to another dimension that is trying to keep the evil forces trapped in its own walls. So many dark stories are associated with this area of St. Petersburg, some legend some fact. Several paranormal groups have investigated the cemetery and all have confirmed it's numerous hauntings.
All we know is that as October nears, the area around Old Northeast St. Petersburg gets darker. The streets seem to become more sinister as the summer heat finally begins to break. An unusually bitter chill wind mixes with the Gulf Breeze. Graves start popping up where simple yards used to grow. A strange pale light emanates from the area. Do you dare enter the mausoleum and see where it's path leads you this year?
Hellview reaches from beyond and grips St. Petersburg in terror.