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Pennsylvania Haunted Events

Eastern State Penitentiary, the historic former prison in Philadelphia, is celebrating its 25th season hosting Halloween madness. Its massive haunted house, "Terror Behind the Walls," has been redesigned for the anniversary. In Reading, Pennsylvania, Shocktoberfest offers Zombie World and Prison of the Dead Escape, which requires guests to escape from multiple rooms. Because November's calendar has a Friday the 13th in it, the attraction will stay open through that date. In Pittsburgh, ScareHouse attractions include The Summoning, a haunted attraction set in October 1932 that tells a story of secret societies, rituals and demonic inhabitants. Sixteen miles west of Detroit, the Hush Haunted Attraction's Detroit Experiment Facility brings visitors through the collapsed ceilings, overgrown greenery and flickering dungeons of a science facility where experiments have gone wrong. Freakshow in Wabash Valley, Illinois, introduces guests to sideshow freaks including evil magicians, mimes and clowns. Wisconsin FearGrounds in Waukesha, Wisconsin, just outside Milwaukee, offers three haunted houses. At Lookout Mountain in Ruby Falls, Tennessee, Haunted Cavern includes one haunt in the mind of a madman and one in a cave featuring creepy night creatures. Enigma Haunt in Boca Raton, Florida, includes a blackout maze, The Abyss, and themed chambers in the Realms of Terror. Attractions at Spooky World Presents Nightmare New England in Litchfield, New Hampshire, include a tractor ride through the woods to a spider-infested campground, plane crash scene and torture compound, along with a showcase of "rejected carnival misfits ... clowns to demented sideshow freaks."