FindAHaunt News

Traffic goals reached, time to get ready for the next steps for growth

In the 2015 season FindAHaunt has reached the traffic goals that we set for ourselves some time ago. In the season alone we are now seeing hit counts in the millions, with a very low bounce rate and very good statistics for number of unique visits and time on the site as well. Having seen our site you know that you can be at the haunt you're trying to find in just 2 or 3 clicks as opposed to other sites that won't even have you at a state listing by then, so this is great news. Our traffic has been almost doubling every year, and it seems like we are on track to continue that trend this year as well.
When we first started to sell featured listings we quietly decided that even though we were selling them for a year at a time we weren't going to actually expire any of them until our traffic was in the millions. Without realizing it, many of you who have featured listings with us have been getting a year or two (or more for some of our earliest adopters) for free. We are going to be going through and expiring the older featured listings shortly, so some of you will probably be hearing from our sales team about renewals. We hope you've liked the traffic we have sent your way, and we look forward to having you continue with us in the future.