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Welcome to the First Blog!

My name is Leonard Pickel and thank you for joining me at the beginning of this exciting journey. The goal of this blog is to bring you my thoughts, comments and suggestions about the many Haunted Attractions that I visit throughout the country and throughout the year. They will not be reviews, but an positive overview of what I got out of the experience, and maybe what I would do if it was mine.

Before you say, "Who is he to critique other people's haunts," google my name. I have been designing, building and running haunted houses for over 35 years for amusement parks and individuals alike. Click Here for my full bio.

I tour the country looking vising Halloween Events each October and have seen as many as 200 haunted houses in one October before, so stay tuned.

First up will be descriptions of Haunted Houses on the HAuNTcon 2012 Pre-show Tour. Over 20 Haunts in two days. A record even for me.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to sharing the best events that the haunted attraction industry has to offer, right here!

Keep'um Screamin'